Data Visualisation

Data visualisations are a core tool when communicating data and building data-driven narratives. They are fun to create and give those learning to code a much needed motivation boost when you create your early plots.

The following tutorials are certainly not an exhuative list of data visualisations but provide a good starting point.

  1. Scatter Plots & Crosshairs with ggPlot2
  2. Building a Radar Plot: from the ground up in ggplot2
  3. Building a StatsBomb Ready Pitch with ggplot2

If you have any questions, recommendations or requests, please get in touch!

This is a R conversion of a tutorial series by FC Python. I take no credit for the idea and have their blessing to make this conversion. All text is a direct copy unless changes were relevant. Please follow them on twitter and if you have a desire to learn Python then they are a fantastic resource!